Why Business Greeting Cards?


Business greeting cards are one of the most personal forms of communication so why not use them for business?

Business Greeting Cards are PERSONAL

Tradition says greeting cards are personal. Greeting cards have a traditional feeling of warmth and sincerity; our culture maintains that greeting cards are personal and sent from someone who has a relationship with you. In a world of impersonal form letters and mass email, memorable corporate greeting cards are a refreshing marketing tool that will add a personal and memorable touch to your interaction with clients. By incorporating corporate greeting cards into your marketing strategy, you are sending the message to your reader that an important relationship already exists. Utilize this existing association by implementing business greeting cards as one of your marketing tools; you will be astounded at the results.

Business Greeting Cards are EFFECTIVE

The business world continues to get more competitive, to increase sales companies have to find innovative ways to stand above the crowd and connect with their customers. Potential customers can get annoyed with ceaseless cold calls and junk mail, set yourself apart from the rest with personalized corporate greeting cards that are brightly colored, to the point, and humorous. Greeting cards work. Not only will your client open and read your greeting card, but they will pin it to their wall for others to enjoy. Most importantly, your message has effectively gotten through and you are that much closer to your goal. Corporate greeting cards can play a vital role in your company's sales and marketing strategies.


Business greeting cards allow you to communicate in a direct and powerful way. Business greeting cards can say a lot of things you normally couldn't say as a sales person, such as: "I've been trying to come up with a creative way to get your attention," or "Not ANOTHER call from a sales rep." These statements get right to the point. Saying such things in person, or on the phone, might seem too forward or inappropriate. However, in the context of a creative card, a message of tenacity, humor and sincerity are conveyed.

Business Greeting Cards are INEXPENSIVE

Businesses must always be watchful of their bottom-line. Corporate greeting cards are an effective way to convey your intended message without a huge investment. This is also a marketing technique that will not need a whole staff to maintain it. As Jeffrey Gitomer, author of The Sales Bible, states: "Stamp out the competition with a 37 cent sales call." Sending business greeting cards is an affordable solution for the smallest of companies and tightest of budgets.

Business Greeting Cards are QUICK

Research shows that it takes 5 to 10 exposures to a client before a sale is made. A lot of time can be used up in composing emails and form letters, where as it only takes two minutes to write a quick note, sign, address and mail a business greeting card. Business greeting cards are an especially effective and timely way to say "thank you for your business."

WHEN to use a Business Greeting Card

Corporate greeting cards can be used for just about any stage of the sales cycle. Here are a few types of cards that are effective marketing tools.
    Business Prospecting Cards
    Business Thank You Cards
    Business Referral Cards
    Business Apology Cards
    Business Thanksgiving Cards
    Business Christmas Cards
    Business Birthday Cards
    Customer Retention Cards

Business Greeting Cards say "THANK YOU"

Business thank you cards are the best way to clearly tell your clients "Thank you for your business." Business thank you cards are also effective, timely, and inexpensive. Traditional thank you letters often end up in the trash, where as a witty corporate 'thank you' card can get passed around the office or posted on a wall. Clients will enjoy the business thank you card much more than a standard follow up letter and find it less time consuming than a gratuitous phone call.