About NISA

NISA Business Greeting Cards creates, produces, and sells innovative personalized corporate greeting cards to help sales people enhance client relationships and meet business goals. After noticing a lack of off the shelf original, unique, and cost effective marketing tools, NISA Business Greeting Cards was created to help sales people build stronger relationships by adding a personal touch to their interaction with clients and replacing standard follow up letters with unique marketing tools. Traditionally, greeting cards are one of the most personal forms of communication so why not use them for business? Make innovative marketing techniques an obsession and allow us to help you increase sales, increase response rates and improve customer relationships.

What Sets Us Apart:

While other card companies may offer business and corporate greeting cards, NISA Business Greeting Cards distinguishes itself by offering personalized greeting cards for every stage of the business cycle that are professional, witty, and bold. NISA Business Greeting Cards offers personalized business greeting cards that cover the sales cycle from prospecting cards to follow-up letters and business thank you cards. NISA Business Greeting Cards are unusual, and offbeat enough to get your client's attention and increase sales and response rates. Our cards are designed to catch the readers attention by being fun, intriguing, to the point, and by saying a lot of things you normally couldn't say as a sales person, such as: "I've been trying to come up with a creative way to get your attention." NISA Business Greeting Cards are also a great compliment to your existing marketing techniques.

Using NISA Business Greetings as Part of Your Marketing Strategy:

Can't get through the gate keepers? Your voice mails go unreturned? NISA Prospect Greeting cards are one of the most effective ways to show how eager you are to gain a client's business. Negotiations stalled? Decisions postponed? Promises to keep you in mind? Replace the traditional follow-up letter with NISA Business Follow-up Greeting Cards.  Greeting cards are a great marketing technique to get your client's attention and move along the sales cycle. Customers need to feel valued and appreciated. NISA Business Thank You Cards are the perfect way to shower your customers with attention. Business thank you cards are also a great follow-up to any meeting with a prospective customer, letting them know you are grateful for their time and consideration. Research shows it is more expensive to gain new customers than it is to keep existing customers. Unlike impersonal form letters, Customer Retention Greeting Cards from NISA will keep your name in the forefront and remind your clients of your products and services, encouraging repeat business. Your existing customers are also a great resource for new business; ask for referrals at every opportunity with NISA Business Referral Cards.  When things go wrong, don't stick your head in the sand; problems are the perfect opportunity to build loyalty. Sending NISA Business Apology Cards will set you apart from the competition and show that you stand behind your products and services. Impress and surprise by remembering their birthday with personalized NISA Business Birthday Cards.  Keep in touch with clients through the holidays with NISA Business Christmas Cards and Business Thanksgiving Cards.

Quality and Features of NISA Business Greeting Cards:

At NISA Business Greeting Cards we understand that the quality of our cards reflect your company's image as the sender; this is why we spare no expense when it comes to choosing the highest quality paper, high resolution photographs, brightly-colored envelopes, and state of the art printing processes. When it comes to greeting cards, size matters! All NISA Business Greeting Cards are 5x7 for maximum visibility and impact. Our cards are gloss coated on the cover to bring out the brilliance of the photography, with a flat finish on the inside to allow easy handwriting of your personal message. All NISA Business Greeting Cards can be personalized by imprinting a personal message from your company.